A #RedforEd Open Letter to My Governor

Dear Governor Ducey,

What's taking you so long? Why are you and your colleagues dragging you feet? Teachers have asked for education funding to be restored to what it was in 2008. TEN YEARS AGO. When my son was only a year old.

We gave you enough warning. We've walked in, and walked in, and walked in. We've rallied at your doorstep. We warned you. You could have put something in place before now.

I don't think you understand how badly we wish we could be back in the classroom. How much we miss our students, and coworkers. How much anguish we feel telling or parents that, once again, we can't go back into school. Not because WE walked out on our students, but because YOU haven't been able to get your job done fast enough.

All we want is for our schools to be fully funded. We want every single adult who interacts with the future of Arizona to be well-paid, appreciated, and valued. We want to feel like you actually think our jobs matter. Because, after all, we ARE teaching future doctors, police officers, nurses, lawyers, social workers, and bankers. Don't YOU want to invest in our future as much as WE do each and every day inside our schools?

Please hurry. We want to get back to our students. They need us.


Arizona Educators 

Easy-to-Make Boo Mix! Eat If You Dare...

Hi Everyone!

Happy October! It's still 90 degrees in Arizona, but I am ready to break out my hoodies and boots. Come on, cooler weather!!

I wanted to let y'all know about the most adorable snack mix recipe that I stumbled across from Rebecca at Make & Do Studio! I'm home with my littles for Fall Break and was searching for an easy  DIY snack mix for my neighbors. Enter... The Boo Mix!! 4 ingredients, and no baking required!

*Be sure to check for food allergies before serving* 
It's super easy to make, and perfect for Halloween parties, trick-or-treating, or classroom parties. I found her recipe HERE {which include free printable labels-Boom!} BOO-tiful! You better believe that I ran my butt right over to the nearest grocery store, picked up some mason jars, and grabbed the ingredients for the mix. I already had some twine at home to tie on the labels.... How adorable did these turn out?!!?! My littlest boy was a super helper, too. Foolproof.

Be sure to follow Rebecca's blog - she's super talented. Maybe someday I will actually get the chance to meet her instead of InstaStalking her lol!

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I found my people!!

Hi everyone,

Well, summer has gone waaaayy too fast (says the teacher), yet waaaaaaayy too slow (says the mom). Anyone else feel this way??

True story: this morning I ACTUALLY broke up a fight between my two boys over DIRTY LAUNDRY. For reals. Ugh.

Anywhooo, I wanted to pop in and let y'all know that I started a Second Grade FB Group! For all of my sassy teacher colleagues out there... I hope you'll take a moment to pop over and join this lovely, sassy, fun group of inspirational teachers from around the world. Join here or click on the pic below.

Side note: the "model" is one of my own cherubs!! 

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My Crazy Life After the Bell

You guys. I've been SUPER off the radar lately. It's been an amazingly overwhelming year of moving to a new ( and incredible) school; suddenly losing my mother (#cancersucks); home remodeling; and overall renewal and rediscovery. I'm excited to share with you my looney life in hopes that it makes yours seem a little more normal! 

Topic 1. My CRAZY BOYS

Jackson is almost 10, going on 13. I NEVER thought having balls would equal such an attitude. The drama!!! True story: when I was in high school, my nickname was 'Tude... because I was, well, outspoken. wink wink. Let's just say that I'm being paid back two-fold. Bennett is 6-and-a-half, and my little doppelgänger. He is.  Just. Like. Me. Stubborn, anxious, quick-witted, overly fashionable (can a six-year-old be that way??), gross, and hilarious. As I write this post, he's shaking his adorable naked tush at me from the bathtub. A boy after my own heart. (TMI, sorry Mom).

Then there's my handsome husband. Lord, what did I ever do to deserve such a caring, selfless, and giving man?? He'd kill me if I posted a picture of him, so instead here's a picture of me holding an adorable baby bunny, which was rescued from our kindergarten playground (surely facing an uncertain death). Isn't he cute, just like my husband???? (See what I did there?)

Anyhoo, I hope you love my updated blog design, thanks to Michelle at The 3am Teacher. She's the bomb dot com! I have big plans for future posts, including but not limited to: The Bachelor, white kitchens, Stitch Fix, German Shepherd puppies, RTI, my amazing teammates, and much, much more!! AAAAAHHHHH, I cannot focus anymore. The child has escaped the bathtub and is talking faster than I can keep up!!

Chow, friends!