CLOSE Reading for Upper Elementary Grades!

Okay! I was too excited! Had to get some posters made for my upper elementary colleagues
Here it is! Click on the link to my store or any of the photos to find out more! 

Students often times don't want to do a "cold read" on unfamiliar texts. They feel most successful when given the opportunity to annotate freely. When Close Reading, I always give students their own copy of the text with which to annotate. Even though a Close Read might be a passage from a larger text, it's important to remember that the passage chosen should be short. 

I cannot say this enough! Comparing with others provides students the opportunity to feel successful in a nonthreatening way. Students are not going to get the entire "gist" of a text upon first read, but they will surprise themselves (and you!) with their thoughtful responses regarding what they annotated to begin with.

This is where teacher planning comes into place! Don't forget those text-dependent questions. I LOVE using Step 3 as a chance to point out the particular craft or tone of an author. You could also choose to require they listen and look for a particular skill or type of figurative language within the passage. I'm also a firm believer that ALL students, no matter what age, should be read aloud to!

Quick writes work well here. It could be a summary of what they think the passage os mostly about, or what students have learned during the Close Read up until now. Great to refer back to as you continue the Close Read, and great informal assessment for you.

Here's the chance to explicitly teach children how to cite the text! I find that sometimes teachers forget that this must be taught.

Responding in writing in Step 6 could look different, depending on what you want to accomplish with your students. Are they ready to tackle a persuasive piece on author's purpose? Or do you think this could work better as a summary? The choice is your. I always love to see how much my students have grown from the first sample of writing to this last sample of the Close Read.

Happy Teaching!! 


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