Starting Sassy in the New Year

In my mind, the anticipation for tomorrow is building. In my district, teachers are given a workday prior to students returning after every break. That's right, after every break. It's a blessing! Students return tomorrow, and we are hitting the ground running in my classroom.

As I plan away at my computer, I can't help but be haunted by the anchor chart hanging over my head. According to my own plot chart, I am  peaking. I am at the top of the proverbial plot chart with my level of anxiety and anticipation. However, as far as the school year goes, well, we are halfway done. Which would make me over the proverbial hill. YIKES!! Still so much to do to prepare my fifth graders for the challenges of junior high. Maybe I should move this anchor chart away from my computer... outta sight, outta mind?

Happy 2014! Looking forward to a peaceful RESOLUTION. The plot thickens...

(Don't worry, I'll refrain from the cheesy teacher jokes. What is it about teachers and the ability to make absolutely anything into corny rhetoric?)

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