All About Butterflies! Monarch Life Cycle Close Read and Printables for Grades 1 - 3

Spring is in the air! Enjoy this adorable and informational butterfly life cycle unit which includes a mini book, close read, graphic organizers, and report final copy. Click on the link to my store or any of the pictures to download.

I included a couple of different graphic organizers to use while reading the text independently or aloud to students.

 This book is great for incorporating science into reading! Students will be excited to learn more about the monarch and its migration through this mini book.

 The last page has key vocabulary terms and is a fabulous tool for budding readers to use.

I also created a one-page article meant for Close Reading, which is a critical part of the Common Core State Standards. 

Here's a matching vocabulary activity that goes along with the close read or mini book using Tier 2 and 3 terms!

Who doesn't love a cut-and-paste sequencing activity?!

There is a lot that can be done with this map. Students can star where they live and color Mexico after reading about where the monarchs migrate. They could also research more about where monarchs begin their journey into Mexico and how far they really fly. 

Happy Teaching! XOXO