Penguins for all seasons!

Okay, out here in the desert, I am WISHING we had longer winters... so I thought I'd bring a little bit of inspiration and engagement with my All About Penguins Informational Text Unit!

Click on the link to my store or any of the pictures below to find out how to download yours.

Ready for summer? Wishing for more snow? Here's an EASY unit  - print and go! - for your primary students. I've included 5 different mini books to compare and contrast some of the most common types of penguins, vocabulary cards, graphic organizers, and a close read.

Here's an example of a great vocabulary activity for students... cut, match, and copy. Students can use this for a center, or in small groups. Includes 6  tier 2 and tier 3 vocabulary words taken from the mini books included in this unit.

Wish your students would write more about what they are interested in? Here's a way to get students citing text, even in the younger grades.  Students can choose from any of the five foldable mini books, 9-page book, or informational text page to write about what they learned. Perfect for whole group or center activities.

Gentoo, Galapagos, Rockhopper, Little Fairy Blue, Emperor penguin mini books! Easy to fold and send home, or use for small groups or centers.  Each mini book includes a graphic organizer to complete so students can show what they know about what they read.
 In addition to these graphic organizers, I've included a venn diagram comparing two and three different types of penguins. Oh, the places your students can go with these!

Enjoy, and Happy Spring!



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