Using Standards for Mathematical Practice in Journals and Link to a FREEBIE!

If you are anything like me, then you are constantly searching for the perfect template to help guide your students through the dauntless task of problem-solving, a critical piece to Common Core State Standards. Well look no more! I've created this student-friendly template just for you!

Embedded within the Common Core State Standards are the Standards for Mathematical Practice, which require our students to reason, persevere, critique, and calculate in multiple ways. This can be challenging to accomplish within a small window of time, and still allow yourself and your students enough instructional math time to cover all of the other standards.  Until now!

I'm calling this template Thinking Through My Problem Solving. It's visually easy to work through, and allows enough space for even first graders (pictured below) to navigate easily. At the top of the page, there's room for students to copy (or cut and paste) the problem. I also have a team at my school which prints their word problems on address labels and sticks them on, saving their students and themselves a ton of time! And time is priceless in the classroom.

There is space for students to reason through what they already know (MP.2), model using pictures or diagrams (MP.4), and make use of structure (MP.7) while constructing fact families or distinguishing between patterns within their work.

The end result is a beautifully well-written journal prompt to put into math journals or folders. I like to save my samples for parents conferences or data meetings. Students can trade and critique the reasonableness of others (MP.3) as they discuss what they found. Sound great?

If you'd like a copy of Thinking Through My Problem Solving to use in your classroom, click on any of the pictures or the link to my Facebook page. Like my page, and the link is yours in the top right corner under "Fan Only Freebie".

I hope you find this useful in your classroom!



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