Happy Birthday to me (and a CHANCE TO WIN for you!)

Happy Birthday to me!

Let's face it... we are not getting any younger. *Sigh* 

We can cry about it, or we can dance about it. Celebrate with me! 
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You're a Poet, and You Will Soon Know It

Looking for a quick and easy poetry mini unit for your students? Check out my latest mini-bundle of NO-PREP graphic organizers and templates for your students. 
Click on the link to my store or any of the photos to download yours! 
More great news? The unit is Common Core aligned for fourth grade, but easily adaptable for any upper elementary grade. 

This mini unit comes with three different templates to choose from. I love how amazingly simple each one of these templates is, and how fabulous the final copy looks on colored construction paper with detailed illustrations. 

The first set of poems are all about using similes to describe emotion.  My example was JOY. Students can brainstorm different emotions in partners or whole group. They brainstorm on a bubble map what particular emotions might look like to them, taste like, smell like, sound like, remind them of, and make them feel like doing.  I encourage my students to brainstorm more than one emotion because they might be surprised with what they like better. Then they use the first draft template to try out their ideas. I've also included room on the bottom of the first draft page for students to create a mock of their illustration using symbols to represent each simile used. The final product is a beautifully-written poem with such personality!

The bubble map is simple and user-friendly. There's room for multiple words or phrases in each bubble.
 The first draft takes the anxiety away from those students who struggle with staring a black page. Writer's Block is cured!

There is also a bubble map and first draft template for using a color as the subject of the poem, instead of an emotion. Sometimes I use one template earlier on in the school year and save the other template for later on. My example uses the color pink. 

The last template in my mini unit is about using sensory language to describe the FIVE W's: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. I use this template after Fall or Spring Break to celebrate seasonal changes. I LOVE using this template in the fall, and again in springtime.
I'm excited about my brainstorming page, and have included a "teacher page" of what kinds of sensory language makes for a great Five W's poem.  The examples are juicy. This is a GREAT time to incorporate grammar into writing with use of adjectives and adverbs. 
I've included examples for spring and fall in the first draft template.

By the way, the final copy examples above are created on construction paper using crayon for the tree trunk and background (mountains, grass, etc.), and tempura paint which is layered using a sponge for the leaves. Fun and easy!!
There is also a spot called COLOR WORD BANK for students to brainstorm different versions of colors. For example, if students are writing about the season of autumn, then they could substitute a color like tangerine for orange for better word choice.

I hope you find these useful and easy! If you're anything like me, then your time is valuable and NO PREP is always a good thing :)

Happy Teaching XOXO,

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