Using C.U.B.E.S. Problem-Solving Strategy in Math and link to a FREEBIE

Problem-solving for my second graders is tough... but using the CUBES acronym has saved me! 

Here's how I use CUBES in my classroom. Click on the link to my store or any of the pictures to find out how to get yours. 

At the end of the post, you'll find a special FREEBIE to use CUBES alongside :) 

Closest to the direction instruction area in my classroom, I have my CUBES posters hung up all year long. They are always there and easy to refer to when working through a work problem. 
Each student also receives a half-sheet reminder of the strategy in their math journal. Sometimes I glue it in the back before school starts. Other times I give their student sheet to them after teaching the strategy. 
The acronym is pretty easy to remember. We use highlighters to do our CUBES together each day for  a week on a different word problem.

By the end of a week of using CUBES together as a whole group, the students are experts at CUBES. They know not to ask if they need to use them... instead they just do it! I always model with my small groups during Math in Writing time (I'm using Daily 3 in for Math this year). We have CUBES dance parties when we catch one another using the strategy without a reminder. By the end of the first month, I only need to say or write the word CUBES on the board or at their center as a prompt. 

My students have found such success with this! I hope that yours do, too! 

Thanks for reading. Click on the picture below or head on over to my fan page to get my Thinking Through My Problem-Solving FREEBIE! This template is great for implementing the CUBES strategy. 



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    Again, thanks for helping out! Love your blog!

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