Be ready for your copy volunteers tomorrow and a FREEBIE!

Be ready for your copy parents with these adorable and time-saving labels for volunteers! {Inspiration for these comes from, where else, Pinterest!} Follow these 3 easy steps to get yourself ready for parent copy volunteers by tomorrow! Download your free copy by clicking on the link or any of the images. 

You'll need clothespins, scissors, super glue, and an optional laminator. I used my Scotch Thermal Laminator --which I L.O.V.E.!!

Step 1: Download and print the copy labels.  Use card stock for extra durability.

Step 2: Cut. Laminate, if desired. 

Step 3: Glue onto clothespins. Voila!

I chose to store my clothespins by clipping them onto an old flower pot. But you could also use a cup or bucket from the Dollar Tree or DollarSpot at Target. 

Keep your clothespins nearby when you're planning. That way, as soon as you pull a resource, you can clothespin it for copying by you or a volunteer. This sure beats my chicken-scratch handwritten notes on post-its which half of the time, cannot even be read by even me, let alone a volunteer! [smh]

I hope you enjoy these free labels! Thanks for stopping by to read :) 


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