Color By Sums Addition Puzzles (CAUTION: These are engaging!)

Lately, my second graders have been a little... less than thrilled about practicing addition fact fluency... that is, until now!

CAUTION: These Color by Sums Addition Puzzles are highly engaging, and WILL make your life easier!! 

I'm thrilled to share my latest product with you...  To grab yours, click on the link to my store, or any of the images!
 I've created 5 different under-the-sea puzzles to choose from. Each puzzle has addition facts, with sums to 20. Color by code AND practice addition facts! My students are loving these!!!!
 Each puzzle has an answer key to make your life even easier. Print-and-go!
 Seriously, have I told you how much my students are loving these? Perfect for math centers, homework, or whole group!


Click here for my FALL-themed addition puzzles! 

Happy Teaching!



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