Get Your Students Moving and Reinforce a Concept Using Graffiti Writing

Welcome to another Bright Ideas Blog Hop!

Happy Spring! I'm excited to share with you a super fun way to reinforce a concept or skill using a creative alternative to the worksheet called graffiti writing! Here's how I'm using this activity with my students this week...

Right now, students in my second grade class are studying subtraction strategies. We've spent all week learning three different ways to subtract. After days of practice, students get to show what they know by working in a group to solve a subtraction problem by "graffiti writing" on butcher paper. They love it!
I used white butcher paper (about the size of poster board, but cheaper), printed out 6 subtraction problems for my six tables (one problem per paper), and let the students work out their problems, one at a time.

A couple of management "rules" I have for graffiti writing are:

 1) Nobody sits down. This way we are all moving around the room, and no one gets "stuck" in one spot for too long. This cuts down on social chatting, and keeps the oxygen flowing. 
2) Listen to the teacher's signal before moving to the next problem (for me, it's my chimes). I allow ample time for each student to complete the problem. Early finishers check their work, or show another way to solve the problem.
3) Work together and compliment one another. I listen for compliments as I walk the room, and give shout-outs to students who compliment each other. 
4) Make room for everyone. Everyone at a group (4 or 5 students works well) huddles around one piece of butcher paper to solve the problem.  This insures 100% engagement!

After we solve our 6 problems, we get together on the carpet to give each other feedback on how well we worked together as a group, check our arithmetic, and spotlight our thinking by celebrating all of the ways we solved the problem. It's quick and easy - about 25 minutes from start to finish. 

Ways to use graffiti writing in your classroom are endless! It's easy to adapt for any grade level or subject area, and a great visual for me as a teacher to quickly judge how well my students grasped a particular concept.

 I can't wait to hear about the ways you're using graffiti writing in your classroom! Don't forget to comment below with your ideas.

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