Teacher Moms: About Those Summertime Playdates...

Sassy alert. I've got a life. Yes, I am a teacher. With a life outside of teaching. I have friends, and baseball games, and homework, and grocery lists. Did I mention that I have friends? Good. Because when summertime rolls around, I'm not so sure.

Enter the newest breed of Stay-At-Home Moms: the Excluders. You know the type. You're totally BFFs during the school year when your children play together in the neighborhood. You've been to each other's houses for birthdays and holidays. You've coordinated carpools to the sock hop at school. You enjoy a glass of wine (or six) together after the kids go to bed. You might have even been a shoulder to cry on when everyone else is busy watching some doo-doo head giving roses to total strangers on t.v. You're like white on rice during the school year. 

And then school's out for summer. Which means, in your eyes, time to FINALLY catch up with all of these SAH SuperWomen that you so desperately wish you had the patience to be.  Yes!! You think, finally, I have the time to catch up with these ladies, whom are WAY more interesting than your class full of students was at their best this year, anyway. 

And then, suddenly those b*** are unavailable. 

Remember that long-standing Friday Happy Hour that you could never make it to during the school year?

 Cancelled for the summer. 

What about that weekly play date with the moms' group?

On. Haitus. (Does that even happen?)

Or, my absolute favorite... When you count on someone to make an event or gathering that you've planned, and the "sitter cancelled".  F*** me.

Just own up to it. If you don't want to hang out with me, or my cherubic/rambunctious children, then fine. But cut the poopstick. Because I'll tell you what. There's nothing more upsetting than being a dedicated teacher who's been let down by her friends during the summertime, when she has enough free time to actually give a hoot.  

Touché, SAH Moms. I get it. And yes, I said Poopstick. Because I am a teacher. And my feelings are hurt. So nah-nah-boo-boo on you.


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