My Crazy Life After the Bell

You guys. I've been SUPER off the radar lately. It's been an amazingly overwhelming year of moving to a new ( and incredible) school; suddenly losing my mother (#cancersucks); home remodeling; and overall renewal and rediscovery. I'm excited to share with you my looney life in hopes that it makes yours seem a little more normal! 

Topic 1. My CRAZY BOYS

Jackson is almost 10, going on 13. I NEVER thought having balls would equal such an attitude. The drama!!! True story: when I was in high school, my nickname was 'Tude... because I was, well, outspoken. wink wink. Let's just say that I'm being paid back two-fold. Bennett is 6-and-a-half, and my little doppelgänger. He is.  Just. Like. Me. Stubborn, anxious, quick-witted, overly fashionable (can a six-year-old be that way??), gross, and hilarious. As I write this post, he's shaking his adorable naked tush at me from the bathtub. A boy after my own heart. (TMI, sorry Mom).

Then there's my handsome husband. Lord, what did I ever do to deserve such a caring, selfless, and giving man?? He'd kill me if I posted a picture of him, so instead here's a picture of me holding an adorable baby bunny, which was rescued from our kindergarten playground (surely facing an uncertain death). Isn't he cute, just like my husband???? (See what I did there?)

Anyhoo, I hope you love my updated blog design, thanks to Michelle at The 3am Teacher. She's the bomb dot com! I have big plans for future posts, including but not limited to: The Bachelor, white kitchens, Stitch Fix, German Shepherd puppies, RTI, my amazing teammates, and much, much more!! AAAAAHHHHH, I cannot focus anymore. The child has escaped the bathtub and is talking faster than I can keep up!!

Chow, friends!


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