A #RedforEd Open Letter to My Governor

Dear Governor Ducey,

What's taking you so long? Why are you and your colleagues dragging you feet? Teachers have asked for education funding to be restored to what it was in 2008. TEN YEARS AGO. When my son was only a year old.

We gave you enough warning. We've walked in, and walked in, and walked in. We've rallied at your doorstep. We warned you. You could have put something in place before now.

I don't think you understand how badly we wish we could be back in the classroom. How much we miss our students, and coworkers. How much anguish we feel telling or parents that, once again, we can't go back into school. Not because WE walked out on our students, but because YOU haven't been able to get your job done fast enough.

All we want is for our schools to be fully funded. We want every single adult who interacts with the future of Arizona to be well-paid, appreciated, and valued. We want to feel like you actually think our jobs matter. Because, after all, we ARE teaching future doctors, police officers, nurses, lawyers, social workers, and bankers. Don't YOU want to invest in our future as much as WE do each and every day inside our schools?

Please hurry. We want to get back to our students. They need us.


Arizona Educators