About Me

I grew up on the gorgeous Monterey Peninsula of California. I came to Arizona for college, met my darling husband, had our adorably mischievous boys, and haven't looked back. 

Aside from an instinctual sense of love and pride for each one of my students, I enjoy the spontaneity of teaching. I am highly organized, enthusiastic, and structured. I'm a firm believer in having routines & procedures as well as high expectations for my students.  If you truly believe in your students, then they are capable of accomplishing anything!

I look forward to sharing my ideas and activities with you. I work on teacher-time,  so I only plan highly-engaging, meaningful ideas with NO (or very little) prep time. Oh, and just a touch of sass.


  1. Hi there
    What age would you say most of your resources are aimed at?
    Susie In New Zealand

  2. Hi Suzie! Being a primary teacher, I've designed my resources for grades k-5. Thanks for stopping by!

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