Mom Life

Life outside of teaching for me includes being a very proud boymom of two amazing kids {baseball and football consume us}. I'm the proud wife of the Best Guy Ever.  I'm also a lover of Starbucks Peppermint Mochas {ALL YEAR LONG}, Stitchfix, anddddd a closet stalker of all things coastal and farmhouse to make my desert house more homey. My sense of humor and amazingly supportive friends keep me going, along with my passion for my family and appreciation for the daily surprises that only a classroom teacher can experience. Have I mentioned my recent obsession with hand-lettering?? I found the best DIY book here on Amazon. Oh, and I can't forget about my beautiful mom, whom we lost {too soon} last year to breast cancer. She is my guiding light and inspiration for everything that I do. We miss you, momma.

The Best Boys that a Girl Could Ask For
I love my life! For more sneak peeks into my world as a mom/teacher/wifey/coffee drinker/wine lover/home fluffer, follow me on Instagram.


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